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Reach a Heightened State of Well-Being & Beauty

The Intuitive Health Coaching Experience

A private coaching partnership designed to clear what’s blocking your body’s full healing power so that you can find relief from health issues, feel beautiful in your body, and discover exactly what you need to thrive.

By bringing together a healthy dose of integrative wellness expertise and my intuitive gifts, I help facilitate your liberation so that you can step fully into your life—living in the healthiest version of your body powered by a strong connection to your inner guidance system.

The Intuitive Health Coaching Experience includes: 

• Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions (60 minutes each)

• Email accessibility between sessions 

• A personalized well-being roadmap for body, mind, and spirit 

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Shamanic Journey

Addressing the Emotional & Spiritual World to Heal the Physical.

A shamanic journey helps you uncover how your emotional, spiritual, and mental wellbeing plays a role in your longstanding health issues. This sacred process opens up access to the guidance you need from the Spiritual World and your Spirit Helpers— to hear what needs to be transformed in your life so that you can break free of physical dis-ease. 

Sessions are customized and intuitively guided. Which also means working together must be a fit intuitively. 

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"I am so utterly thankful to the Universe for bringing such deep insight and wisdom. Each session with Aarti is a precious gem. The times with her have propelled me into new places of learning, growth and deep healing."


Short Hills, NJ

"I was able to fit back into clothes that I had not worn in years, even though that was not even one of my goals. I feel more comfortable in my body than I have in years, and much more in tune with it."

Chinmayee M.

Mumbai, India

"I have come so far in various ways — in my own health and in working with others and in my personal life. Still a lot to learn and continue working on, but wow how things change."

Jen S.

Austin, Texas


First, I listen.

I’ll start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your health history, your lifestyle, your struggles and your needs. Here we’ll establish the core goals of our partnership. 

Then, we begin with the first layer.

We'll peel back the layers of your physical dis-ease by addressing proper nourishment and lifestyle adjustments first. These will be a series of sessions that create daily habits and strategies to make improvements to your physical health. 

Lastly, we dive deep.

As physical body begins to improve, we then dive deeper into mindset, emotions, and beliefs; the true crux of chronic physical dis-ease. These sessions are designed to identify what is getting in the way of healing, relief, and having the life you really want.


I’m Aarti Awatramani.

I'm an Intuitive Health Coach & Shaman.

For nearly a decade, I’ve helped women break free from the cloud of chronic health conditions, excess weight, hormonal imbalances, and more—to activate their personal power. 

Because when a woman feels healthy, beautiful, and capable in her body, she lives more fully, loves more deeply, and connects completely with her intuition—her one true compass in life. 

By unearthing the root cause of dis-ease and imbalance, and undergoing your own unique repair of mind, body, and spirit, you’ll discover that the key to your liberation has always lived within. You just need the right guide—that’s me.  

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